Hauntings, The Plan & Heavenly Father

I woke this morning to an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” which toys with, among other things, on the hauntings of ghosts from people that once lived many years ago supposedly coming back due to some tragedy to haunt.  There’s no mystery about it.

Personally if you were to ask me how legit I think this is, I’d have a very different answer today than I did 22 years ago.

I was always sensitive to seeing ghosts, whether seemingly benevolent or malevolent.  When 11 or so, I believed I saw the grim reaper floating around our home in Los Angeles.  I nearly killed myself at 12 having believed I saw an angel beckoning me to follow it even if it meant getting killed by traffic on the busy street I was to cross without looking.

I think on this now.  That was no angel of Heavenly Father and I think had I been hit by a car and died, I wouldn’t have learned the truth in my early 30’s which led me to today.  I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn about motherhood or met the wonderful brothers and sisters I share friendships with in my church.  I wouldn’t have experienced baptism and the receiving of the Holy Ghost.  Sure, I was taught in my youth about the adversary (aka father of lies, Lucifer aka Satan) but one recognized him by the evil he did and those of his followers.  No one taught me he and his disembodied spirits are able to take on many forms including an angel of light.

2 Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

My brush with the other side didn’t end there.  In the little farmette home from 14-18 (or so) the adversary kicked it up a notch.  It coincided with the history of having had several kids die in a fire while the original house burned to the ground in the late 1800’s. The new home back when was built by a church.  The home originally had 2 bedrooms, living room and a kitchen.  The home had a brick kitchen and later a store room added to it as the years passed.  The original kitchen was now a dining room and the bathroom was added at some point long after the outhouse had been torn down.

The ghostly visits appeared child like in nature.  Little things would be moved, laughter and playing could be heard, pranks children often played made the home seem haunted by the 2 little ones lost in the fire. Cute?  Endearing?

Little children are close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  The new testament is full of examples of this.  When little ones die, they’re made alive in Christ, meaning their souls are pure and innocent (age of accountability is the mental and physical age of 8 years old) and therefore there is no reason for their souls to be roaming lost on the earth.  So, if it’s not their perfect and innocent souls doing this haunting, that leaves the adversary and his followers doing the haunting. No longer enduring or cute.

Joseph Smith’s Vision of the Celestial Kingdom contains this statement: “And I also beheld that all children who die before they arrive at the years of accountability are saved in the celestial kingdom of heaven.” (D&C 137:10).  Quite comforting, especially if you’ve lost a child or two before they reached 8.

Mankind  has through the years believed we all are born with original sin, some of the world’s religions believe that we’re all born evil and are paying for our parents’ and ancestors’ sins and as such, if were not baptized before we die infant or not, we’ll go to hell or reside in purgatory or at the least roam the earth in a ghostly form to lament in misery; yes, even little children.  It’s cruel and not even credible to believe this.  No hope?  No way to be delivered if death comes before being “saved?”  What kind of Heavenly Father would do this to us as His children?  It makes no sense because it’s not true.  Heavenly Father is not the author of no hope, no chance of deliverance and no chance of redemption.  He is a father of light, life, truth, hope, and yes,  provided a chance of deliverance and redemption.  Don’t be fooled by the adversary.

The lie the adversary would have us to believe is that souls not “saved” are forever lost. Does that make sense to you?  Why would a loving Heavenly Father make you, set you here and because life robbed you of the opportunity, you’re lost to him?  That’s the lie the adversary wants you to believe, but the truth is: No soul is ever lost under Heavenly Father’s Plan:

The fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, designed to bring about man’s immortality and eternal life. It includes the Creation, Fall, and Atonement, along with all God-given laws, ordinances, and doctrines. This plan makes it possible for all people to be exalted and live forever with God (2 Ne. 2, 9). The scriptures also refer to this plan as the plan of salvation, the plan of happiness, and the plan of mercy.

That’s the Good news!  No one is lost unless they want to be!!  That’s right, so unless you want to be lost, there’s hope, there’s the redemption promised us.

I won’t lie, the secular belief leads credence to the ghostly apparitions we see and hear about if we believed in the world’s view but I do not.  The first night at that house came the familiar laughter and playing from the “children” spirits I had heard before.  Even my mom’s dog would bark at them.

Oh but I knew full well these were not the “lost” spirits of those children that succumbed to the fire.  That was the lie the adversary would have me believe.  I saw them for what they were. I wasn’t about to share the home with such spirits for they were out to torment and to deceive.

I knew the minute I stepped foot into the home that the spirits despite all my parents tried to do to make it leave was dark and masking itself to be cute and endearing.  The lie.  Nothing enduring about evil posing as good to deceive.

When my maternal grandfather died while we lived in that house, we were briefly visited by his spirit, however this was a different view and feeling.  I remember him clothed in white, he said nothing, only a brief appearance then he was gone.  He didn’t come back as far as I knew, not to haunt but to let my mom know he was okay.  Far cry from those “children” spirits wouldn’t you say?

Many good and decent people fall prey to the Adversary’s plan to thwart the desire to return to our creator with smoke and mirrors, of apparitions to confuse the mortal mind, to lie, deceit and to persuade the mortal mind to turn away from Heavenly Father usually through manipulations and distractions and to him, the more the merrier.  If you’re already the adversary’s he has no further use to torment or “persuade” you to his side.  The more dedicated to Heavenly Father or to Jesus Christ, the more the adversary kicks it up to win you over to his side.  The adversary knows his time is limited, so he uses the world to his advantage (and if you listen to the news you can see his handiwork in action).  The adversary has many souls here on earth to play with, he’s got plenty of help too; so it’s no surprise then that if you’re tormented, it’s because you’re not his yet which is good news!  I would worry if I wasn’t being tormented.

The name means the Shining One or Lightbearer. He is also known as the Son of the Morning. Lucifer was a spirit son of Heavenly Father and led the rebellion in the premortal life. The name Lucifer appears only once in the Bible (Isa. 14:12). Latter-day revelation gives more detail on Lucifer’s fall (D&C 76:25–29).

22 years ago, I believed in the thought that people died and their ghost roamed the earth unchecked and at will.  I believed in the thought that, if you were disgruntled, you had a beef with someone or your life ended tragically your spirit roamed the earth until you figured it out.

Then I studied at length the Plan of Salvation & the Adversary’s plan for man on this earth and I changed my perception.  I learned Heavenly Father’s plan did not include disgruntled disembodied spirits roaming the earth.

To be frank, there is no time or desire once we fulfill this mission on earth to haunt others.  We have work to do in the hereafter to watch over our brothers and sisters still in mortality and to teach the spiritual children of Heavenly Father that didn’t get the chance in their mortality about the Plan.  That leaves the truth about these hauntings we hear about on television or experience for ourselves.

Don’t be deceived by the Adversary or his followers.  The next time you experience a haunt (a visit will feel different, the spirit will be different) know that it is not of Heavenly Father and that it has no place in your home.